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3G-SDI and FULL HDMI over fiber transceivers are now available from FI-LINK Technology
2014-12-22 08:15:18

From October 2014, we are proudly announcing the new technology, what we had applied to encode and decode the HD-SDI / 3G-SDI / FULL HDMI video and data signals over fiber lines.

Now, you can send the video/audio/data/Ethernet over fiber Line networks not only to 500 meters away but up to 100Km ! Have you imagined such before? With FI-VOF series products and the fiber optic solutions , you may get your CCTV systems unlimited and much easier ! 

The FI-VOF series fiber optic video transceiver can be used in many ways, for example:

Intelligent transportation system; 

High speed way video monitoring and control system; 

Toll monitoring and control system; 

Close circuit TV industry monitoring and control; 

TV program switching channel transmit; 

High-fidelity video conference system; 


Contact us now to get smart solutions for your CCTV system ! 

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