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FI-LINK Technology starts new fiber optic video transceiver series based on SFP transceivers !
2014-12-22 08:22:32

From May 2013 , FI-LINK R&D team had secceeded in adding a leading function to our fiber-optic video transceiver.we take the place of 1x9 optical modules by SFP modules,this function can allow the end user change the fiber-optic video transceiver from multimode to simgle mode or from duplex to simplex by easily changing the SFP modules.This will help our agents make proper stock easily.They can prepare fiber-optic video transceivers and SFP modules separately,when get inquiries from end customers,they can send proper converters + proper SFP modules to match the end customers’requests.Pls contact us NOW to get more technical information and quotation. 

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