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FI-LINK Technology Limited is straightforward oriented designer, manufacturer and international supplier of fiber optic networking solutions for FULL HD video systems . FI-LINK Technology Limited is committed to providing its customers with cost effective and reliable fiber optic networking solutions that keeps them step forward from their competitors and puts them one step closer to future.

Why cooperate with FI-LINK Technology ?
Sales support and service excellence more than just the most competitive price.
We deliver the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for specific applications. Here in FI-LINK, we don’t just bring products to our partner, we manufacture, we sell, we solve.
Wide range of products in the industry
FI-LINK holds a wide range of fiber networking products which can be suitable for the most commercial applications for analog video systems or HD video systems ,such as rail, airport, intelligent traffic etc.

Rich experience in projects
Since founded in 2010, FI-LINK has gained a rich experience in this industry with its products being used in a significant amount of projects from rail to airport etc which makes FI-LINK capable of bringing the most suitable solutions. All you need to do is just telling us what you want , then we will offer you proper solutions .
Efficient warranty support
We offer a unique 12 months guaranty and additional 24 months warranty for majority of our products. Free replacements will be arranged in 12 months if any faults developed not artificially. 24 months free repairing and a life time maintenance. 
Superior technical support
Our technical staff and sales teem are trained to provide first line support on every product we sell. Our staffs have in depth technical knowledge on our products and will be providing adequate advices and suggestions for your purchase. We will reply to your complain email ( If any ) in less than 2 hours .
FI-LINK Technology Limited mission to quality, service, and performance has given them unique opportunity to partner with global industry leaders. We have presence in most sophisticated global markets, in USA, Europe, South America and Pacific.


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